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Brett Watson

5 Feet 11 Inches



Dark Blond


Represented by Chelsea McIsaac

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Film/mow (Selected)

Long Shot Principal Good Universe / Jonathan Levine

Pawn Sacrifice Supporting Benoni Productions / Ed Zwick

White House Down Principal Sony Pictures / Roland Emmerich

The Perfect Boss Supporting Capital Prods. / Curtis Crawford

Willed To Kill Supporting TMN/Philip Gagnon

Erased Large Principal Transfilm / Philipp Stolzl

Affinity Supporting Cite-Amerique / ITV / Tim Fywell

Twelve Ways To Say I’m Sorry Supporting Muse Of Fire / Alex Epstein

St-Urbain’s Horseman Large Principal CBC / Peter Moss

Legacy Of Fear Supporting Lifetime / Don Terry

I’m Not There Featured Killer Films / Todd Haynes

Mind Over Murder Lead Muse Ent / Christopher Leitch

Lost Girl Found Lead Jacinthe Dessuréault

The Perfect Marriage Supporting Lifetime / Doug Jackson

The Dealer Supporting Dealer Prods. / Bruce Smith

Human Trafficking Principal Muse / Christian Duguay

One Dead Indian Principal CTV / Tim Southam

Deadly Isolation Supporting JB Media / Rodney Gibbons

Deepwater Supporting Halcyon Ent./ David S. Marfield

Le Survenant Principal Les Films Vision 4 / Erik Canuel

First Family: The Reagans Principal CBS / Robert Ackerman

Il Duce Canadese Principal CBC / Giles Walker

Taking Lives Principal Warner Bros./ D.J. Caruso

Geraldine’s Fortune Principal Cite Amerique / John N. Smith

Shattered Glass Principal Lionsgate / Cruise-Wagner / Billy Ray

Levity Principal Sony Classics / Ed Solomon

Abandon Principal Paramount / Stephen Gaghan

Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story Supporting VH1 / Bob Mandel

Steal Supporting Aliance Atlantis / Gerard Pires

Dice Principal Cite Amerique / Rachel Talalay

The Traker Supporting Muse Productions / Jeff Schechter

Taken Supporting Allegro / Max Fischer

Television (Selected)

FLQ: La Traque Supporting Historia/ Guillaume Fortin

The Detectives Guest Star CBC / John L’Ecuyer

Real Detective Guest Star WAM / John L’Ecuyer

19-2 Principal Sphere Media / Louis Choquette

This Life Recurring Sphere Media / Various

Fatal Vows Lead CMJ Productions / Boris Rodriguez

Being Human Principal SYFY / Stefan Schwartz

Out Of Control Supporting TMN / Incendo / Jean-Claude Lord

Dead Zone Large Principal USA / Eirk Canuel

Rumours Guest Star CBC / Eric Tessier

Prank Patrol Guest Lead YTV / Casey Walker

Minuit, Le Soir Featured Zone III / Podz

15/Love Recurring Galafilm / Various

Canadian Case Files Guest Lead Fairplay / Istan Rozumny

Delta State Recurring Deltanim Prod. / Various

3 x Rien Featured Avanti / Eric Tessier

Undressed Series Regular MTV / Various

Chiefs Supporting Gala Films / Brian Mckenna

My Messy Bedroom Series Regular Copie Zero Television / Tara Johns

Largo Winch Guest Star Paramount/M-6/Global/David Wu

Theatre (Selected)

L'Assemblée Brett Porte Parole/ Espace Go / Chris Abraham

The Assembly Brett Porte Parole / Crows Theatre / Chris Abraham

The Dream Project( Montreal-NYC) Oberon Yonder Window / Katie McHugh

The Mystery of Irma Vep Multiple Roles Theatre Lac Brome / Anthony Kennedy

Private Lives Amanda Hudson Village Theatre / Matthew Tiffin

Triplex Nervosa Damien Centaur Theatre / Roy Surette

Battered Bobby Infinititheatre / Diana Fajrajsl

Glenngarry Glen Ross Richard Roma Segal Centre / Paul Flicker

The Bacchae Pentheus Scapegoat Carnivale / Andreas Apergis

Elizabeth Rex Ned Tableau D’Hote / L. Valdez, M. Payetter

Sexy Beton Narrateur Porte Parole / TDP / André Perrier

Teaching Hamlet Connor Centaur Wildside / Paul Hopkins

Doctor Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Various Theatre Lac Brome / Dean Flemming

Paradise By The River Lucern Centaur Theatre / Joel Miller

The Dock Brief Fowle Theatre Lac Brome / N. K. Pynes

Edwin Marchbanks Theatre Lac Brome / N. K. Pynes

Le Code Noir Beaumont Black Theatre Workshop / Richard Donat

So Many Doors Jed Sour Brides / Kelly Thornton

Romeo & Juliet Mercutio Centaur Theatre / Gordon Mccall

Amadeus Count Von Strack Segal Center / Alexander Marine

Zarathustra Said Some Things, No? Ricky Bridge Theatre (NYC) / R. Patterson

Cheech Alexis Centaur Theatre / Gordon Mccall

The Birthday Party Goldberg Triptych Theatre / Sid Zanforlin

Home And Beauty William Theatre Lac Brome/ Emma Tibaldo

Beach House, Burnt Sienna Duncan Infinitheatre/Guy Sprung

Long, Long, Short, Long Cliff Infinitheatre/Guy Sprung

Dead Ducks Tick Infinitheatre/Carolyn Guillet

Food/Bouffe Master Chef Infinitheatre/Guy Sprung

The Importance Of Being Earnest Algernon Theatre Lac Brome/Greg Kramer

Loot Dennis Theatre Lac Brome / N. K. Pynes

Macbeth Malcolm Repercussion Theatre/Jack Langedijk

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Lysander Repercussion Theatre/Jack Langedijk


Graduate Of The Ryerson Theatre School

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