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Artist>Emilee Veluz

Emilee Veluz

5 feet 2.5 inches

180 lbs




Represented by Chelsea McIsaac

Film And Television

Clouds Actor Justin Baldoni/Farsight Films Ltd.

The Moodys Actor Bob Fisher & Rob Greenberg/CBS

Jerusalem's Thorns* Principal Simon Gionet/Carolyn Fe Inc. & Littoral

Broken Trust Actor Paul Carrière/Broken Trust Productions Inc.

19-2 (Season 3) Actor Louis Choquette/Sphère Média

Nine Lives Actor Barry Sonnenfeld/Europa Corp

19-2 (Season 2 -2 episodes) Actor Louis Choquette/Sphère Média

The Lottery Actor Tim Hunter/Lucky Baby Films

Sex & Ethnicity Principal Adrian Caleanu/MaryBeth Productions

Odyssée de l`espèce Principal Jacques Malaterre/Production Pixcom


Habibi's Angels: Commission Impossible Angel 1/ Beth Sophie Gee/Talisman Theatre

Rencontre/Encounters Ensemble Saul Garcia Lopez/MAI & Concordia University

Where the Blood Mixes June Lib Spry/Teesri Duniya Theatre

Miss Orient(ed)** Twinkle*** Sarah Stanley/Teesri Duniya Theatre

A Promise is a Promise Mother Barbara Poggemiller/Geordie Productions

Paperback Princess Various Roles Barbara Poggemiller/Geordie Productions

A Promise is a Promise Mother Julie-Tamiko Manning/Geordie Productions

After the Fall Louise Bertrand A. Henry/Dome Theatre

Macbeth Witch/Scottish Doctor Douglas Buchanan/Dome Theatre

On The Razzle Marie Howard Ryshpan, John Lucas/Dome Theatre

Museums Various Muriel Gold/Dome Theatre

Tartuffe Marianne Howard Ryshpan/Dome Theatre


*Best video, La fête du clip de Montréal 2019

**Montreal Mirror: Best of 2005, No.1 Best Play of Montreal - Miss Orient(ed)

***Montreal Mirror: Best of 2005, No.2 Best Actress of Montreal - Emilee Veluz (Twinkle, Miss Orient(ed))

Personality of the Month: The North American Filipino Star (January 2012)


Honour Graduate of the Professional Theatre Program at Dawson College 1995-98 (Dome Theatre)

Voice/W. Steven Lecky, Jude Beny, A.J. Henderson

Singing/W. Steven Lecky

Shakespeare/John Lucas

TV & Film/ Howard Ryshpan, Gary Plaxton

Movement, Dance/Cynthia Hendrickson

Movement, Dance/Cynthia Hendrickson

Special Skills

Dance: Hip Hop, Classical Ballet, Jazz Ballet, Philippine Traditional Dance, Hawaiian Dance

Sports: Aerobics, Weight Training, Step-aerobics, Swimming, Biking, Softball, Volleyball, Baseball

Driving (automatic), Baking, Cake Decorating Cooking, Singing (Broadway, Pop)

English, French, Tagalog

Accents: Filipino, Chinese, Native, French Canadian

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