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Artist>Sofia Timotheatos

Sofia Timotheatos

5 feet 2 inches

106 lbs


Light Brown



Represented by Chelsea McIsaac

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Best Sellers Actor Atomic Autumn / Lina Roessler


Aesop's Foibles Aesop Lasalle C.C.H.S

Teen Tour Theatre Monologue Teen Tour Theatre


ACTRA workshop - Professional Voice for Kids and Teens w/Thor Bishopric

Teen Tour Theatre - Junior Tour Class (4+ months)

Teen Tour Theatre - Auditioning for TV/Film with Jonathan Silver

Teen Tour Theatre - Preparation for TV & Film

Teen Tour Theatre - Mini Skills Workshop (Monologue)

Lasalle Community Comprehensive High School - Drama Program (2 years)

Special Skills

Languages: English, French, Basic Spanish

Hobbies: Boxing, Skiing, Singing, Dance (8 years)

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