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Artist>Mylene Savoie

Mylene Savoie

5 Feet 6 Inches




ACTRA / UDA / AFTRA Eligible

Represented by Chelsea McIsaac


Mother! Featured Day 6 Prods. / Darren Aronofsky

Tar And Tea Lead French Femme Films / Mylène Savoie

SIAB Co-Star SIAB Productions / Anne Alaimo

Eve Featured MFA Columbia / Mounai Akl

Parallel S. Talk Lead Davulia Productions / David Emond Ferrat

The Man Who Was Hated Too Much Lead Davulia Productions / David Emond Ferrat

L’echec Du Feminisme Lead Roquette Productions / C.L. Thibault

Exode Lead Exode Productions / Nathaniel Siri

Liaison 1 & 2 Lead A/T Media Productions / Andrei Campeanu

The High Cost Of Living Principal HCOL Productions / Deborah Chow

Peepers Principal Peepers Mania Productions / Seth W. Owen

Down To The Dirt Lead Newfound Films / Justin Simms


Deadly Secrets Actor Discovery, WAM Media / Boris Rodriguez, Adrian Wills

This Life Featured

19-2 Featured Sphere Media Plus / Bravo Canada

Le Fil D'Arianne (Web) Lead MC2 / Alain Fournier / TV5

Funny Or Die (Web) Featured Funny Or Die / Kevin Malhoney

Is This A Date (Web) Lead NYU / Faulkner Galloco / Jin Kim

Rural.Com Lead Productions Du Milieu / Patrick Gauvin

Trauma 2 Principal Aetios Productions / Francois Gingras

C.A. 3 Actor Novem Productions / PODZ

La Promesse Principal Point De Mire / TVA

450 Chemin Du Golf Actor Vendomes Productions

Boys Principal Meleny Productions / Louis Bolduc

Canada En Amour Lead Vic Pelletier Productions / JF Bouchard


I Love Amerikay Cait Brooklynone Productions / Anthony Marino (NYC)

Lab'I (Improvisation) Lead Lab'I Productions / Mylene Savoie

J'Te Ventre T'Emb Marianne Tango Productions / Genevieve C. Smith

Heaven & Hell Beatrice Midi-Minuit Productions / Mylene Savoie

Plume's Friends (Improvisation) Isaboe / Suzon Medieval Company / Stephane Matte


Radio Voice Commercial -Syllabes, Sam Gold, Marc Camacho (Montreal)

Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute (NYC)

Actor's Studio Montreal: Warren Robertson

TV / Film Workshops: Jean-Pierre Bergeron

Classical and Contemporary Theatre Training: Danielle Fichaud

LADMMI Diploma in Contemporary Dance (Montreal)


Languages - English, French, Spanish, Russian (Beginner)

Dialects - British RP, French, Russian, Southern, Brooklyn, General American

Police and Paramedics Training For Actors (Firearms Training)

Dance - Professional Level: Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Latin Styles, Hip Hop, Freestyle

Physical - Kickboxing, Tai Chi, Qi Chong, Pilates Instructor, Biking

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