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Artist>Nancy Rosa

Nancy Rosa

5 foot 6 inches





Represented by —

Film & Television

…My Heart From Failing And Faild Lead Nadia Litz

Single Girl, Single Girl Lead The Nightingale Co/D. Bajramovich

These Things Happen Lead Chokingpuppet Pro/Ace Mccallum

Spynet Lead CBC/Paulo Barzman

Boy: French Diplomacy Lead Radke Films/Matt Eastman

As If (Ep.32) Supporting BBC Channel 4/Ed Fraiman

Family Affairs (Ep. 1256) Supporting Pearson Television Ltd/Lawrence Wilson

Holby City Iv Supporting BBC Television/Minkie Spiro

The Bill (Ep. 20) Supporting Thames Television Ltd./R.Maestro

The Actor’s Space Lead Netviewlive.Com

The Living Room Lead Ico Films/Dexter Ico

Love Is A Bitch Lead Leandro Films/Mile Leandro

Garbage Pail Kids Lead Cruscup Films/Kim Cruscup

And That’s My Life Story Lead Leandro Films/Mike Leandro

Caught By The Fuzz Supporting Parlophone/Dom Hawley, Nic Goffey


She’s The End Of The World Teresa Jane Mallet Theatre/Cesare Casciato

Waiting For Godot Lucky Helen Gardner Playhouse/Kate Lynch

Blood Wedding Leonardo’s Wife Helen Gardner Playhouse/M.Christmann

Uncle Vanya Sonya UCDP Performance Studio/Steven Bush

Mother Love Lisen UCDP Performance Studio/Steven Bush

Saga Of The West Hens Gabrielle Roy Udcp Performance Studio/Steven Bush

Equus Dr Dysart The Drama Workshop/Jim Schaeffer

The Crackwalker Theresa The Drama Workshop/Jim Schaeffer

Come Play Fly On The Wall The Mckellar Room/Sarah Martyn

Romeo & Juliet Benvolia Austin Community Theatre/A. Labriola


Wake Up Western Host/Programmer CHRW 94.7 FM

Oasis : Here And Now Co-Host CHRW 94.7 FM

Late Night With Steve Co-Host CHRW 94.7 FM


Complete List Available Upon Request

Training & Education

On-Camera Scene Study – Pro-Actors Lab/Bruce Clayton

Focus On Film Acting Workshop – Sears & Switzer

B.A. Honours : English & Drama – University Of Toronto

Performance – Ken Gass, Steven Bush, Mark Chritmann

Voice – Michael Connelly, Kate Lynch

Movement – Sallie Lyons

Shakespeare – Kate Lynch

Special Skills

Singing, Clown, Mask (Baal & Neutral), Stage Combat, Swimming, Snorkeling, Running, Cycling, Driving

Fluent In Portuguese

Working Knowledge Of French And Spanish

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