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Artist>Riel Reddick-Stevens

Riel Reddick-Stevens

5 feet 4 inches


Dark Brown

Represented by Chelsea McIsaac

Film And Television

Greasy Lake Supporting Erik Berg


Rough Notes Margaret / Ruth McKencroft Productions / J. Ivanel Johson

The Stranger Ms. Thibodeau Two Planks and a passion Theatre Company

Unity 1918 Sissy Ken Schwartz

No Words Dancer National Theatre school / Collective Creation

Assistance Heather National Theatre school / Chelsea Dab

Cabaret Fraulein Schneider National Theatre School / Matjash Mrozewski

Venus Chorus National Theatre School / Mike Payette

An Irresistable Urge.... Pinke Rebel / Kanchan Puppeteer National Theatre School / Jani Lauzon

Electra Ensemble WTF fringe/ Claudia Alick

Miseducation of Man Dancer KayGeni Productions / KayGeni

The Oresteia Clytemnestra Randolph College / David Jansen

Nothing Less! Cleo Two Planks and a Passion Theatre Company

Dream By Fire Hippolyta/Mustardseed Ken Schwartz

The Wiz Ensemble Broadway In the Hood / Torrey Russell

Avenue Q Trekkie Monster YPCO Neptune Theatre / Alexis Milligan


National Theatre School Of Canada (Acting / 2022)

Randolph College (2019)

Special Skills

Puppetry, Basic Piano and Tenor Saxophone, African Dance, Jazz, Tap, Ballet

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