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Artist>Leni Parker

Leni Parker

5 Feet 7 Inches





Represented by Chelsea McIsaac

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Film (Selected)

Song of Granite Principal Dir. Pat Collins

An Eye for Beauty Principal Cinemaginaire Inc. / Denys Arcand

Early Release Principal Incendo / John L'Ecuyer

La Règne De La Beauté Principal Cinemaginaire / Denys Arcand

White House Down Principal Sony Pictures / Roland Emmerich

The Young And Prodigious T.S. Spivet Featured Films Arto / Jean-Pierre Jennet

The Words Principal Benaroya / Serena Films / B. Klugman / L. Sternthal

Orphan Principal Warner Brothers / Jaume Colet-Serra

Mr. Nobody Principal Crystal Films / Jaco Van Dormeal

Afterwards Principal Salty Features / Gilles Bourdos

Adam’s Wall Principal Michael Mackenzie / Couzin Adam

Can You Wave Bye Bye Principal Nu Films / Sara Galea Davis

The Man Principal Les Mayfield / New Line

Mary Shelley Principal Cine Qua Non Media / Guylaine Dionne

Mambo Italiano Cameo Cinemaginaire / Emile Gaudreault

Eisenstein Supporting Amerique Film / Renny Bartlett

Stardom Principal Cinemaginaire / Denys Arcand

Nico The Unicorn Principal Bob Films / Graeme Campbell

Les Minutes Du Patrimoine Principal Productions La Fete / Pierre Gang

For Hire Principal Kingsborough / Jean Pellerin

The Education Of Little Tree Principal Richard Friedenberg / Louise Gendron

Whiskers Principal Productions La Fete / Jim Kaufman

The Assignment Principal Allegro Films / Christian Duguay

Screamers Principal Allegro Films / Christian Duguay

Mrs Parker And The Round Table Principal Parkbench Films / Alan Rudolph

Television (Selected)

Street Legal Series Regular CBC / Sturla Gunnarsson

The Detectives Principal CBC / Petro Duszara

Ruptures Actor Radio-Canada

19-2 Recurring Guest Sphere Media Inc / CTV

Helix Principal SYFY / Muse Entertainment

Out of Control Supporting Incendo / Jean-Claude Lord

Dead Zone Principal Touch Productions / Michael Rohl

Living With The Enemy Principal Lifetime / Philippe Gagnon

Deadly Betrayal Principal Hearst Entertainment / Jason Hreno

Choice Principal Parc Ex Pictures / John L’Ecuyer

Charms For The Easy Life Principal Life Network / Joan Mitkin-Silver

Galidor: The Outer Dimension Principal Cinegroupe / Georges Mihalka

The Hound Of The Baskervilles Principal Muse Entertainment / Rodney Gibbons

Earth: Final Conflict I, II, III, IV Running Lead Alliance Atlantis / Various

Lassie Principal Cinar Films / John Bell

Emily Of New Moon Recurring Saltwater Films / M. Kennedy / G. Walker

Sirens Principal Telescene / Marc Voizard

The Sleep Room Principal B. Zuckerman Productions / Anne Wheeler

Hiroshima Principal Telescene / Roger Spotiswoode

Million Dollar Babies Principal Cinar Films / CBS / Christian Duguay

Theatre (Selected)

Because The Night Patti Smith Espace Go / Brigitte Haentjens

Jackie (One Woman Show) Jackie NTS / Judy Wensel

On This Day Sarah Centaur / Alain Goulem

Beethoven Lives Upstairs Various Geordie Theatre / Dean Fleming

Julius Caesar Julius Caesar Repercussion Theatre / Amanda Kellock

The Supine Cobbler The Doctor It Still Could Happen / Jill Connell

Top Girls Lady Nijo / Joyce Segal Centre / Micheline Chevrier

Private Lives Amanda Theatre New Brunswick / Caleb Marshall

Elizabeth Rex Elizabeth Table D’Hote / M.Payette / L.Valdez

Heretics of Bohemia Queen Mother Scapegoat Carnival / Alison Darcy

True Nature Anna Centaur Theatre / Amanda Kellock

Big Plans Mother Two Wheeler Productions / Amanda Kellock

The Comedy Of Errors Luciana Centaur Theatre / NAC / Peter Hinton

Champs de Mars Rachel Micheline Chevrier

A Christmas Carol Christmas Past Geordie Productions / Dean Flemming

Inherit The Wind Mrs Brady Segal Theatre / Greg Kramer

The Salon Automaton Patroness Buddies Theatre / Nathalie Claude

Down From Heaven Jessica Imago Theatre / Al Goulem

Age Of Arousal Virginia Centaur Theater / Sarah Stanley

Life Is A Dream King Basilio Centaur Theatre / Brave Looks / Alison Darcy

The Baroness & The Pig Baroness Imago Theatre / Catherine Bourgeois

Isadora: Fabulist Isadora Imago Theatre / Sarah Stanley

Chapter Two Jennie Hudson Village Theatre / Dean Flemming

Assorted Candies* Albertine Centaur Theatre / Serge Denoncourt

Tout Comme Elle Mere Usine C / Brigitte Haejtens

Bye Bye Baby Mother Imago Theatre / Claire Shapiro

La Fete Des Morts The Nanny Momentum / C. Bonnier / N. Claude

Blue Valentine Jane Theatre 1774 / Marianne Ackerman

The Making Of Macbeth Mary Pigeons Int’l / P. De Vasconcelos

L’Ecole Des Bouffons Serlap Diving Horse Creation / Stephane Chenise

Savage Love Wally Pigeons Int’l / P. De Vasconcelos

*Winner Of The 2007 Mecca Award For Best Actress

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