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Artist>Greta Papageorgiu

Greta Papageorgiu

5 Feet 7 Inches




ACTRA / S-UDA / E.E.C. Passport

Represented by Chelsea McIsaac

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Film & Television

Someone Else's Wedding Actor Pat Kiely

Shockwave Principal Muse/ M. Robison

The Will Actor CMJ Prod./ Leo Singer

Fake It Til You Make It Lead Pilot / H. Probyn

Outward Gate Principal Bravo Fact / K. Fitzgerald

Sophie Parker Actor CBC / Eric Tessier

Cabaret Large Principal Bravo

The Debbie Smith Story Actor Incendo / Stephan Pleszezynski

I’m Not There Actor Killer Films / Todd Haynes

Carpenter Movie Lead Sheraton College / B. Amouoghil

Afterward Lead York University / F. Lai

Lakefront Supporting Cinegroupe Prod. / D. Sutherland

Alla Lead Concordia Prod. / Karen Teoh

Waiting Lead Concordia Prod. / Karen Teoh

Theatre (Selected)

The Piano Cypher Matilda Seaforth Studios/ T. Sutherland

Karius And Baktus Karius Moulin Flemming / J. Frazier

Section 98 Various Harbourfront Center

Tim Buck 2 Toby Ryan Praxis Fringe / M. Wheeler

Karius And Baktus Karius Centaur Kids Series / J. Frazier

Stranger Judge / Whore Praxis / S. Rice

Les / The Dianalogues Various TBM / J. Mcclintock

Beautiful Dayz Betty Agawa S. / J. Morneau

The Master And Margarita Azzazelo Praxis Theatre / M. Wheeler

Herky Jerky Liane Tightrope Theatre / G. Drummond

This Is A Play Sissy The Alumnae Theatre / M. Gobie

The Person I Once Was Mattie Neighborhood Playhouse / G. Kingston

Lovers & Other Strangers Brenda Neighborhood Playhouse / R. Stetson

15 Minute Glass Menagerie Amanda Suitcase Players / Kathy Grace

Valparaiso Delfina McGill Prod. / B. Macdonald

The Little Years Grace TNC Theatre / Sophie Johnson

Fool For Love May TNC Theatre / Jordana Comisso

Sister Mary Ignatiuses Explains… Philomena TNC Theatre / Kate Hannen

Hamlet Ophelia Kinston Symphony / Misha Aster

Man Ist Man Leocadia McGill Prod. / Myrna Wyatt Selkirk

Streetcar Street McGill Prod. / Myrna Wyatt Selkirk

Top Girls Shona / Mrs. Kido Players Theatre / Mike Pagnotta

Life’s a Dream Rachel / Joan Tarragon Spring Fair / Sally Han

7 Stories Lady / Soldier Skylight Theatre / Brian Richmond


Film and TV Audition Workshop: Nicole Stamp

Elite On-Camera Casting Workshop: Rosina Bucci, Jennifer Pillon, Vera Miller

Jock Macdonald: Carter Thor (8 Months)

Brian Levy: Audition Technique Workshop

Paul Weber (MGM): Cold Reading Workshop

Professional Actors Lab: On Camera Acting, John Gordon

Neighborhood Playhouse

B.A. Mcgill University: Theatre & Political Science

Meisner Technique, Jacqueline Mcclintock

On Camera Scene Study With Janet Laine Green

On Camera Scene Study With John Strasberg

Special Skills

Cycling, Ice Skating, Cello, Drives Standard And Automatic

Languages: Fluent in both Norwegian, French

Host of Webcast: Two Minutes with Greta

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