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Artist>Anton Koval

Anton Koval

5 feet 9 inches

150 lbs


Shaved (Blond)


Represented by Chelsea McIsaac

Film And Television

The Transplant Principal Holly Dale / CTV, Sphere Media Plus

Longshot Principal Jonathan Levine / Flarsky North Prod.

The Hummingbird Project Principal Kim Nguyen / Earthling Productions

The Detectives Principal John L'Ecuyer / CBC

Broken Trust Principal Adrian Willis / Investigation Discovery

On The Basis of Sex Actor Mimi Leder / Moritz Brief Prod.

The Disappearance Actor Peter Stebbings / Disappearance Inc.

Bellevue Recurring Adrienne Mitchell / Muse Inc.

Mother Actor Darren Aronofsky / Day 6 Prod.

1Up Actor Alexandre Amancio / Reflector Media

Stranger in My Home Actor Herve Baillargeon / CMJ Prod.

Real Detective Principal David Hackl / Real Detective Prod.

Searching For Paradise Principal Chris Young / Blue Infinity Films

19-2 Principal Sturla Gunnarsson / Sphere Media

The Way It Went Down Lead brooklynONE Productions


The Krampus Eric brooklynONE Productions / D3C

Swear, Spit and Cross Yourself Enoch Dialogue with 3 Chords

Franklin Stein Franklin Gadfly Productions

A Unit of Grim Assessment Meeks Dialogue with 3 Chords

Misanthrope Alphonse brooklynONE Productions

Waiting for Godot Lucky brooklynONE Productions

The Heaven's Hell Anferny brooklynONE Productions

Our Town George Rockway Theatre Company

Men Will Fall Like Time B4 D brooklynONE Productions


Character Background and Script Analysis Workshop Masterclass - Deborah Aquila

Audition Masterclass Workshop - Alex Newman

Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute

Shakespeare with Geoffrey Horne

Vocal Productions - Alba Quezeda

Movement for the Actor - Michael Ryan

Meisner Technique Workshop - brooklynONE

Method Acting - Ted Zurkowski

Special Skills

Bilingual: Russian/English

Dialects: Brooklyn, Irish, British RP, Cockney, Russian, French

Martial Arts: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, Fitness Training, Swimming, Ultimate Frisbee

Dance: Waltz, Freestyle

Good with Animals, Cooking, Deli Work, Three Whistle Whistler

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