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Artist>Don Jordan

Don Jordan

6 foot





Represented by Chelsea McIsaac

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Film (Selected)

Queen Of Sin Principal Incendo / Jean Francois Rivard

Chaos Walking Principal Quadrant Pictures / Doug Liman

Upside Down Principal Onyx Films/Transfil/Juan Diego Solanas

Hidden Crimes Principal Incendo / Philippe Gagnon

The Last Templar Principal Muse / Paolo Barzman

The Ecstasy Note Principal Evergon Arts / Geoffrey Uloth

The Last Sign Principal Douglas Law

Christmas With Jd Principal Lion’s Gate/Malcolm Clarke

Sum Of All Fears Principal Paramount/Phil Robinson

Love Song Principal Taurus 7/Viacom Prod/Julie Dash

Heist Principal David Mamet

The Tunnel Principal Tunnel Prod. /Daniel Baldwin

Pluto Nash Principal Plash Film Prod/Ron Underwood

The Warden Principal Tnt/Granada/Stephen Gyllenhaal

15 Moments Principal Alliance/Denys Arcand

Eye Of The Beholder Principal Filmline Int. /Stephan Elliott

Airspeed Principal Melanny Prod./Disney/Bob Tinnell

Love & Debt Principal Slingshot Prod. /Alain Zaloum

Waking The Dead Principal Valentino Films/Keith Gordon

Twist Of Fate Supporting Lead Allegro Films/Max Fisher

Random Encounter Principal Allegro Films/Doug Jackson

False Pretense Principal Allegro Films/Doug Jackson

Afterglow Principal Park Bench Films/Alan Rudolph

Encounter Lead Buzz Prod. /John Kennedy

Boarding School Principal Kingsborough/John Shepphird

Everything To Gain Principal Cbs/Michael Miller

Mother Night Principal Mother Night Prod. /Keith Gordon

Coyote Principal Cinequest/Shimon Dontan

The Wrong Women Principal Allegro/Doug Jackson

The Child Principal Allegro/George Mihalka

Television (Selected)

Durham County Recurring Muse / Adrienne Mitchell

The Dead Zone Principal Usa Network / Holly Dale

Prank Patrol Principal YTV

Durham County Principal Muse / Holly Dale / Adrianne Mitchel

See Jane Date Principal Abc Family/ Robert Belinger

The Reagans Principal Robert Ackerman

Largo Winch Recurring Motion International

Tag Principal Sda/Pierre Houle

Misguided Angels Guest Star Fox/Telescene/Marc Voizard

Student Bodies Principal Nickelodeon/Don Barnhart

The Hunger Principal Telescene/Pierre Dalpe

Lassie Guest Star Cinar/Peter Rowe

Sirens Regular Telescene/Cbs/Robin Spry

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Principal Prod. Campfire/Don J. Machale

Urban Angel Guest Star Telescene/Jim Kaufman

Grafitti Principal Radio-Quebec/Yvon Trudel


Adventures of a Black Girl In Search Of God Ancestor Djanet Sears / Black Theatre Workshop

Ododo Multiple Characters B.T.W./Fleurette Fernando

Il n’y a plus rien Zachary Nouveau Th.Exper./R.Gravel

Love Notes Principal Centaur/Lou Hanessian

Quand La Reine Aura Cent Ans Principal Th.Quatresous/M.-M. Bouchard

Eubie Principal Candlelight Theatre/R. Peace

Fool House Follies Actor/Singer Foolhouse

Guys And Dolls Rusty Charlie Centaur/Brian Richmond

Training / Workshops

Creative Arts Dec – John Abbott College Theatre Workshop

Elite On-Camera Audition Workshop

Special Skills

Dancer, Singer : Baritone Thru Tenor, Voice Overs, Cartoon Voices;

Dialects : French, Quebecois, Parisien, British, West Indian, East Indian Yiddish, South African, Italian, Brooklyn, Southern.

Voice Work: See demo


Separate Resume Available Upon Request

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