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Artist>Joshua Hughes

Joshua Hughes

6 feet

160 lbs


Light Brown


Represented by Chelsea McIsaac

To listen to this artist's voice work, please click here.


DNA Mark DOME Theatre/Matt Enos

Alice in Wonderland Knave of Hearts DOME Theatre/Judith Beny

The Bad Hamlet Guilderstone DOME Theatre/Stephane Zarov

The Fever Narrator DOME Theatre/Stephanie Buxton

Blue Stockings Lloyd DOME Theatre/Barbara Kelly


Dawson College Professional Theatre Program

Voice: Tod Fennell

Audition / Scene Workshop: Suzanna LeNir

Special Skills

Fluent in French and English, working knowledge of Italian

Dialects (French, Southern, British (RP, Cockney), Australian, Irish, German, Scandinavian, Eastern European, Israeli)

Stage Combat, Generic Sword, Some Singing

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