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Artist>Natasha Fagant

Natasha Fagant

5 feet 4 inches

134 pounds


Dark Brown


Represented by Chelsea McIsaac

To listen to this artist's voice work, please click here.

Film & Television

The Order of Things to Come Supporting Twentythousandleagues

Oia Lead Space Castle Productions

Earth's Little Apple Seeds Lead Dir. Walid Jabri

Needle Drop: Inceptions Supporting Patrick Barbeau / Needle Drop Film Inc.

Uncle Billy Supporting Naomi Silver-Vézina / Mel Hoppenheim

Le Carnivore Lead Michael Treder / Twentythousandleagues

Mentally Stable Lead Dwayne Blanchette / PHMG Media Inc.

Earthquake Weapon Actor Carl-Philippe Simonise / Second Yellow Films

Tony & Cleo Actor Dwayne Blanchette / PHMG Media Inc.

Euchre Supporting Tom Abray / Swink Productions


L'appel Du Vide Maya rats!?

Jerome of Sandy Cover Emily / Ensemble Persephone Productions

A David Lynch Wet Dream The Lady Acherontia Productions

The Little Lives of We Yeurg Jen Cressey / Palimsest Theatre

Julius Caeser Calphurnia Calixa-Lavallée

The Monkey King Turtle Shijia Jiang / Horowitz Theatre

Osama the Hero Louise Lifelong Productions

The Yellow Wallpaper Jane Jen Cressey / Cazalet Theatre

Peleus and Thetis Thetis DB Clark Theatre

Witchcraft Annabella DB Clark Theatre

Faerie Musical Oonagh Cazalet Theatre

Dr. Faustus Chorus DB Clark Theatre


Theatre Performance Specialization (2009-2013) Concordia University

Scene Study Montreal Master Class Alex Newman

Master Class LA Casting Amber Horn / Danielle Aufiero

Meisner Technique Jacqueline McClintock

Audition Techniques Talent INC Canada

Stage Combat Fight Directors Canada

Meisner Technique The Acting Space

Chinese Opera National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts


DIALECTS: Scottish, British, Russian, Parisian, Irish Cockney

SPORTS: Mountain Climbing, Running, Rugby

STUNTS: Basic Tumbling, Quarterstaff, Short Sword

CHINESE OPERA: Long Silk Dancing, Fan Dancing, Water Sleeves, Jin Swords, Dao Swords

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