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Artist>Steve Felwin Diouf

Steve Felwin Diouf

6 feet 3 inches





Represented by —

Film And Television

Après le Déluge Lead Crave/Mara Joly

Larry Series Regular Avenue Productions

Gazebo Series Regular Ici.tou.tv/Marie-Soleil Dion

Complètement Lycée Series Regular Crave/Productions ToRoS

La faille (The Wall) Actor PIXCOM/Daniel Roby

The Z Word Actor Anouk Whissell

Luigi Romano Supporting Connor Forest

Nightmare on Sesame Street Supporting Paul Persic

Frères Supporting Fabrice Alexandre

My life on script Supporting Émile Roy

The Puzzle Box Lead Hugh Blanc


Toronto Film School - Acting: Film, Television & Theatre

Special Skills

Athletics: Basketball, Boxing, Soccer, Football, Kickboxing, MMA, Swimming, Wrestling

Languages: English w/o accent, French (France & Québec) w/o accent, Wolof, Spanish

Accents: Standard US, Creole, New York, RP British, Standard Canadian, French Canadian, France French, Senegalese accent in french and West African accent in English

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