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Artist>Lois Dellar

Lois Dellar

5 Feet 6 Inches





Represented by Chelsea McIsaac

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Everything Will Be Fine Actor Wim Wenders

Afterwards Large Principal Christal Films / Bourdos

The Secret Actor Vincent Perez / Max Films

I Do, But I Don’t Principal Kelly Makin

Taking Lives Actor D.J. Caruso

Timeline Actor Richard Donner

Blacktop Principal T.J. Scott

Pittsburg Principal Scott Alexander

Mvp: Most Valuable Primate Actor Robert Vince

Big Bully Principal Steve Miner

Falling From The Sky Principal Jorge Montesi

Jesus Of Montreal Actor Denys Arcand

Tommy Tricker And The Stamp Traveller Actor Michale Rubbo

God Bless The Child Actor Andreas Hamoki

Eddie & The Cruisers II Principal J.C. Lord

Jacknife Principal David Jones

Parents In Crisis Lead NFB Short Dramatic Film

Emergency Principal NFB For Imax Theatre

Phone Call Actor Alan Goldstein

Criminal Law Actor Martin Campbell

Hitchhiker Actor Richard Rothstein

The Blue Man Principal George Mihalka


Beliveau Large Principal Pixcom / Francois Gingras

The Detectives Principal CBC

Fatal Vows Actor CMJ / Leo Singer

Jean Beliveau Large Principal Pixcom / François Gingras

19-2 Principal Sphere Media / CTV / Bravo

Being Human Guest Star Muse Entertainment

The Perfect Boss Large Principal Capital Productions / Curtis Crawford

The Surrogacy Trap Large Principal Incendo / Adrian Wills

The Dead Zone Large Principal USA Network / James Head

Exposed Principal Incendo / Louis Bolduc

Dead Like Me Actor Muse / Stephen Robert Herek

Blind Trust Principal Incendo / Louis Bolduc

Indian Summer: The Oka Crisis Actor CBC / Gil Cardinal

Canadian Case Files Principal Fairplay Productions

Tripping The Wire Principal CTV / Steven Surgik

False Pretenses Principal Jason Hreno

Smallville (“Hourglass”) Principal Chris Long

Cold Squad Principal Gary Harvey

Mysterious Ways Actor Michael Bobison

Personally Yours Principal Jeffrey Reinger

The Goodbye Lead Katherine Surridge

Night Terrors Principal Yves Simoneau

Cold Squad (“Tess”) Principal Penelope Buitenhuis

Millennium (“The Judge”) Actor Randy Zisk

Poltergeist (“She’s Got The Devil…”) Principal Jerri Ciccoritti

You, Me & The Kids (“Hollywood Kids”) Principal Hugh Beard

Resurrection Principal Roger Young

The Net (Y2k: Total System Failure) Principal Randy Zisk

Sleepwalker (“Forlorn”) Principal Jeff Woolnough

Nilus The Sandman (“Weedworld”) Principal Roy Hayter

Kidzone (“Kelly’s Story”) Principal Knowledge Network

The Commish (“Lonely Sucker”) Actor James Whitmore

Northwood (“Chains”) Principal Eleanore Lindo

Madison High (“Last Pick”) Principal Allan King

21 Jumpstreet (“New Breeze”) Principal Jorge Montessi

Neon Rider (“John Doe”) Principal Joe Scanlon

Cip Daxgon Principal Jim Kaufman

Democracy On Trial Principal Jim Kaufman

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