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Larry Day

5 Feet 10 Inches





Represented by Chelsea McIsaac

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Film (Selected)

Christmas In My Heart Large Principal Hallmark / Pat Kiely

Home Alone Large Principal 20th Century Studios / Dan Mazer

French Exit Large Principal Sony Pictures / Azazel Jacobs

Montreal Girls Large Principal Patricia Chica

The Disappearance Large Principal Disappearance Productions/Peter Stebbings

Arrival Principal Paramount / Denis Villeneuve

Stonewall Supporting Lead Centropolis Entertainment / Roland Emmerich

The Elephant Song Large Principal Charles Binamé / Melenny Productions

The Walk Cameo Sony Pictures / Robert Zemeckis

Race Large Principal Focus Features / Stephen Hopkins

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Featured 20th Century Fox / Bryan Singer

On The Road Cameo Lyla Films / Walter Salles

Barney’s Version Large Principal Serendipity Films / Richrd J. Lewis

Upside Down Principal Onyx Films / Transfilm / Juan Diego Solanas

Die Large Principal Dice Productions / Dominic Laurence James

The Punisher Supporting Lion's Gate / Lexi Alexander

A Teacher’s Crime Large Principal Capital Productions (Sv) Inc / Rob Malenfant

South Of The Moon Lead Tony Greene / Independent

I’m Not There Large Principal Killer Films / Todd Haynes

Killer Wave Large Principal Muse / Bruce Mcdonald

Burning Mussolini Principal Burning Mussolini Prod. / Conrad Pla

Maurice Richard Principal Cinémaginaire / Charles Binam√©

The Covenant Principal Lakeshore / Renny Harlin

The Last Kiss Large Principal Lakeshore / Tony Goldwyn

King’s Ransom Principal Newline Cinema / Jeff Byrd

Over The Edge Support Lifetime / Richard Roy

Tornado Lead Nu-Image / Alain Jakybovicz

Direct Action Support Showtime / Sidney J. Furie

Partners in Action Lead Alliance Atlantis / Sidney J. Furie

Savage Messiah Large Principal Muse / Mario Azzopardi

Bone Collector Large Principal Universal / Phillip Noyce

Fish Out Of Water Support Melanny Productions / Geoffrey Edwards

Captive Lead Blackwatch / Roger Cardinal

Out of Control Support Kingsborough-Greenlight / R. Trevor

The Arrival II Support Claudio Castravelli / Kevin Tenny

The Education Of Little Tree Large Principal Jake Ebert / Richard Friedenberg

Film, Television Mows (Selected)

The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair Principal MGM / Jean-Jacques Annaud

Bellevue Recurring CBC/Adrienne Mitchell

JFK: The Smoking Gun Principal Muse / Malcolm McDonald

The Girl He Met Online Supporting Lead Lifetime / Curtis Crawford

The Last Templar Principal Muse / Paolo Barzman

The Last Exit Large Principal CTV / John Fawcett

Time Bomb Principal CBS / Stephen Gyllenhaal

Tripping The Wire Principal CTV / Galafim / Steven Surjik

The Snake King Lead Sci-Fi Channel / Alan Goldstein

Detention Lead HBO / Sidney J. Furie

No Good Deed Large Principal Showtime / TMN / Bob Rafelson

Redeemer Large Principal USA Network / Muse / Graeme Clifford

Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story Large Principal VH1 / Bob Mandel

One Way Out Support HBO / Allan Goldstein

Television (Selected)

Suits Guest Star NBC / Christopher Misiano

Jack Ryan Principal Amazon/Daniel Sackheim

19-2 Guest Star Bravo/Sturla Gunnarson

The Art of More Large Principal Shawn Piller / Crackle

Natural Born Outlaws Guest Star Leo Singer / History Channel

Real Detective Large Principal Robin Aubert / ID Channel

Stranger in my Home Large Principal Leo Singer / ID Channel

Fatal Vows Supporting Louisa Jaslow / Discovery

Mohawk Girls Principal Tracy Deer / CBC

Blue Moon Recurring Yves-Christian Fournier / TVA

The Lottery Large Principal Lifetime / Bill Johnson

Rookie Blue Large Principal ABC / Can West / John Fawcett

The Listener Large Principal CTV / Robert Lieberman

Cracked Large Principal CBC / Sudz Sutherland

Blue Mountain State (2 Eps.) Recurring Spike TV / Alex Winter

The Business Large Principal Philfs / IFC / Phil Price

Human Trafficking Large Principal Lifetime / Christian Duguay

The Festival Supporting IFC / Philms / Phil Price

E.D.N.Y. Large Principal NBC / Anthony Dazan

Delta State (26 Eps.) Series Lead Megafun / Nelvana Production

Doc Large Principal Pebble Hut / Pax / Holly Dale

Twice in a Lifetime Large Principal Pebble Hut / Stacey Currie

Largo Winch (2 Eps.) Support Motion International / Peter Marshall

Twice in a Lifetime Large Principal Pebble Hut & Pax / Alan King

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? (2 Eps.) Support Nickelodeon / Various

Back To Sherwood (13 Eps.) Series Lead 20th Century Fox / Various

The Hunger Large Principal Telescene /Showtime / John L. Ecuyer

Soldier Of Fortune Guest Star Sof Productions / Jason Bloom

Student Bodies (15 Eps.) Series Regular 20th Century Fox / Telescene


Scene Study: Anne Page, Miriam Laurence

On Camera Workshop – Richard Jutras, Rutger Hauer

Workshops: Don Finn, L.Travis Clark, Anna Marie Kostera,

Montreal Actor’s Lab & Warren Robertson Ongoing Workshop-Warren Robertson

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