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Artist>Fajer Al-Kaisi

Fajer Al-Kaisi

6 foot 0 inches

180 pounds




Represented by Chelsea McIsaac


The Jew of Malta The Callipine Grandfather Films / Douglas Morse

I'll Come Running Karim Film Science / Spencer Parsons

NTI: Last Best Chance Deputy Toast & Vegemite / Ben Goddard


The Good Wife Larry CBS / Felix Alcala

Mohawk Girls Rashid OMNI / APTN / Tracey Deer

What Would You Do? Seikh Man ABC News Primetime / John Quinones

The Onion News Network Operative/Edward Webisodic / TheOnion.com

Law & Order Superintendant 'Steel Eyed Daeths' / Michael Pressman

Delocated Prince Al-Sahid Comedy Central / PFFR / John Lee

Nurse Jackie Social Worker Showtime / Nosebleed / Paul Feig

What Would You Do? ABC News Primetime / John Quinones

30 Rock (S2 E2) Hot Dog Vendor NBC / Tina Fey

Time Bomb Ahmed Al Malik CBS-Paramount MOW / S. Gyllenhaal

Regional Stage

Romeo and Juliet Tybalt OSF-2012 / Laird Williamson

Troilus and Cresida Aenaes / Helenus / Ensemble OSF-2012 / Rob Melrose

Tennis In Nadlus Tariq Hudson Stageworks / Laura Margolis

Benfal Tiget at the Bagdad Zoo Musa Arena Stage DC / NEA New Play Festival

Aftermath Shahid NYTW, E 4th St. Theatre, NYC / Jessica Blank

Iraqi Refugee Project Pharmacist / Artist NYTW, Hopkins Centre / Jessica Blank

Arab American Comedy Fest '08 Various Zipper Factory, NYC / Piter Marek

Girl Blog From Iraq E / Various Dallas Theatre Centre / David Kennedy

Omnium Gatherum Khalid Zachary Scott Theatre / Dace Steakley


University of Texas at Austin - MFA: Acting (Fran Dorn, Lee Abraham)

Acting For The Camera: Film & TV (Laren Lane, Marilyn McIntyre, Dana W. Nicholson)

Special Skills

Languages: English, French, Arabic (Fluent in Iraqi & Several Dialects), Italian, Spanish (Proficient)

Accents & Dialects: Rp, Middle Eastern, Irish, Indian, French, Italian, Persian, Etc...

Sports: Various Mixed Martial Arts, Epee & Sword, Nunchucks, Taichi, Horseback, Swimming

Valid Driver's License

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