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January 14th, 2014




Be sure to catch Ivan Smith in Bhopal, opening at the Segal Centre on Thursday, January 16th and running through to February 2nd.


When human life is sacrificed for profit – there must be justice


Sonya Labonté, a Canadian doctor working in Bhopal, India has incriminating evidence that a pesticide company is polluting the environment and causing deformities in babies. The Indian government orders her to stop her research or face deportation. Will Labonté give in or continue her search for justice?

Featuring: Amena Ahmad, Stéphanie Breton, Nicole Leroux, Amrit Sanger, Amanda Silveira, Ivan Smith and Guy Sprung

Chorus: Seshakamal Iyenger, Saraah Hicks, Tania Dos Santos

Live Musician: Baba Alex, Choreographer: Aparna Sindhoor, Lighting Design: Martin Sirois

Set Design: Stéphanie Lambert, Assistant Set Designer: Véronique Van Houtte

Costume Design: Laurence Gagnon, Assistant Director: Davide Chiazzese

Stage Manager: Luciana Burcheri, Assistant Stage Manager: Alex Smith

Jan 16 – Feb 2, 2014

Tues-Thurs.- 8:00 PM
Sat.- 8:00 PM and Sun.- 2:00 PM
Tuesday: PWYC ( Pay What You Can)

$ 25 – Adult               $ 20 – Seniors*

$ 15 – Students        $ 16 – Groups (6 or more)

For more information, contact the Segal Centre box office at: 514 739 7944 or visit the Segal Centre website.

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