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Artist>Jane Wheeler

Jane Wheeler

5 Feet 7 Inches




Represented by Susan Glenn

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Everything Will Be Fine Principal Wim Wenders

La Règne De La Beauté Principal Denys Arcand

Shockwave Principal Muse / Michael Robinson

Blue Seduction Support B&J Pictures

Dog Pound Principal Sam Grana

I’m Not There Principal Killer Films/Todd Haynes

Journey To The Center Of Earth Support Eric Breviq

Still Life Supporting Lead Atopia / Jeff Blatt

The Secret Principal Vincent Perez / Max Films

Noel Principal Neverland Films/Chazz Palminteri

A Different Loyalty Principal Lion Gate Films/Marek Kanievska

Barneys Great Adventure Principal Bluster Prod. / Steve Gomer

The Kid Support Melenny Prod./J. Hamilton

The Marked Man Lead Allegro/Marc Voizard

Obstruction Of Justice Principal Blackwatch/Ron Hulme

The Neighbour Principal Allegro/Rodney Gibbons

By Woman’s Hand Actor NFB/Pepita Ferrari


Prank Patrol Principal YTV

Dead Zone Principal Eric Canuel

World Of Trouble Principal NBC / Pierre Gagnon

Saving Emily Principal Outrage Prod. / Doug Jackson

Obsessed Supporting Lead Lifetime/John Badham

Les Poupees Russes Recurring TVA

Me Too Regular Zone 3

The Neverending Story Recurring Muse Entertainment

The Hunger Support Showtime/Jean Beaudin

Big Wolf On Campus Series Regular Telescene/Various

Courage For Love Principal Motion Intl/Kari Skogland

Student Bodies Principal Telescene/Michel Beriault

War Of 1812 Principal Gala Films/Brian Mckenna

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Guest Star Cinar/Dj Mchale

Sirens Principal Telescene/Giles Walker

Boys Of St. Vincent Actor NFB/John N. Smith


Social Studies Val Centaur Theatre / Paul Van Dyck

The Graduate Mrs. Braddock Segal Centre / Andrew Shaver

Model Wanted Loretta NotaBle Acts / Emma Tibaldo

Innocence Lost Libby Centaur Theatre / Roy Surette

The Dollar Woman Alice Tnb / Ilkay Silk

Alden Claudine Mary Vingoe / Notable Acts

Treasure Island Mother / Ben Gunn TNB / Caleb Marshall

On And Off The Shelf Ophelia Ducharme Notable Acts / Marshall Button

Housekeeping & Homewrecking Clay TSC / Alain Goulem

Romeo & Juliet Lady Capulet Centaur / Gordon Mcall

The Love List Justine Piggery / S.Mahtani

Hansel & Gretel Witch/Step Mother Geordie Theatre/Lib Spry

Ordinary Times Sarah Centaur Wild Side/Alain Goulem

Arrhythmia Willa Big Art/Alain Goulem

Very Heaven Lee Centaur/Eda Holmes

Don Quixote De Lac Brome Carmen Theatre Lac Brome/N.Pynes

Twelfth Night Olivia Centaur/Gordon Mccall

A Fertile Imagination Rita Sptc/ P. Abarca

Beau Gestes, Beautiful Deeds Marie-Lyne Lac Brome/Michline Chevrier

Dancing At Lughnasa Chris Centaur/Elsa Bolam

On The Verge Fanny Lac Brome/Nicolas Pynes

Seven Stories Various Theatre Lac Brome/P.Abarca

Cabaret Sally Bowles Theatrelac Brome/Corey Castle

Talley’s Folly Sally Theatre Lac Brome/P.Abarca

Not Now Darling Janie Stage West Cal./Margaret Bard

Macbeth Witch Repercussion/Cas Anvar

The Comedy Of Errors Luciana Repercussion/J.Morehouse

Trelawny Of The Wells Clara De Foenix Shaw Festival/Chris.Newton

Berkeley Square Wilkins Shaw Festival/Neil Munro

He Who Gets Slapped Jacinthe Shaw Festival/Marti Maraden

You Never Can Tell The Parlourmaid Shaw Festival/Chris.Newton


Various Radio & Television Commericials, Narrations, Cartoon Voices

Demo Available Upon Request


Ryerson Theatre School: Graduate

Shaw Festival Academy: Selected Classes

Shakespeare Workshop: Jean Asselin

Masterclass In Singing Performance With Louise Pitre 2012

Special Skills

Dialects; Dancing; Singing: Alto; Tennis; Swimming; Skiing: Downhill, Cross-Country

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