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Artist>Samantha Hodhod

Samantha Hodhod

5 Feet 6 Inches





Represented by Susan Glenn

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Film & Television

House Of Versace Principal Sara Sugarman / Mar Vista Entertainment

Peter And Molly's Delight Lead Kyria Olshefsky / Concordia

Grey Principal Julia Blackwell / Concordia

Industrial Video Actor Andrew Hannan / ACP Rail


Tin Can People First Woman Joan McBride / Montreal & Edinburgh Fringe

Marathon 33’ Sugar Hips Terry Donald / JAC Production

Saturday, Sunday, Monday Aunt Meme Terry Donald / JAC Production

Our Town Mrs. Soames Terry Donald / JAC Production

Sainte-Carmen of the Main Chorus Terry Donald / JAC Production


Verdun Circus School (2012-2013)

John Abbott College: Professional Theatre Graduate 2012

Acting: Terry Donald, Joan McBride

Voice: Terry Donald, Rea Nolan, Rob Burns

Movement: Carol Harwood, Anana Rydvald, Zachary Fraser

Audition Workkshop: Paul Webber

Elite Casting Workshop: Rosina Bucci / Nadia Rona

Kenyon Wells Audition Workshop: Andrea Kenyon

Special Skills

Languages: English / French

Dance: Studio A – Hip Hop

Sports: Gymnastics, Swimming, Snowboarding, Basketball, Football, Ice Skating

Other: Acrobatics, Juggling, Trampoline, Handstands, Aerials

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