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Artist>Karl Graboshas

Karl Graboshas

6 Feet 3 Inches



Dark Brown


Represented by —

Film & Television

Race Actor EOne / Focus / Stephen Hopkins

The Lottery Principal Tim Hunter / Lifetime

Premier Rôle

The Walk Actor Robert Zemeckis/ Sony

Deuxième Rôle

Une Histoire Vraie Principal Yannick Savard / Téléquébec

Premier Rôle

The Fischer Case Lead Etienne Gravrand/Blindmind Productions

Flip The Bird Supporting Robert The Pug Productions / Adam Leblanc

Imposters Principal CMJ Productions / Carlito Ghioni

Meetings With A Young Poet Actor Telefilm / Rudy Barichello

The Horse Latitudes Principal Antler Films / Duncan McDowall

On The Backlot Lead Blacklot Films / David Marriott

Goon Supporting Don Carmody Productions / Michael Dowse

Blue Mountain State Principal Spike TV / Jeffrey Melman

Beastly Actor CBS Films / Daniel Barnaz

Durham County II Principal TMN / Global Television

Hungarian Salami Principal Kybele Films

Pure Laine (Season 1 & 2) Actor Tele-Quebec

Imitation Actor Atopia Productions

Canadian Casefiles Principal TGI Productions

When Erma Made Herman* Lead Ketzi Productions

Mary Shelley Principal Cine Qua Non Films

Delta State Principal YTV / Nelvana

* Canadian Filmmaker Festival (2007) - Winner: Best Short Film


Blood Wild Slim Montreal Fringe/ Paul Van Dyck

The Odyssey Cyclops/Antinous/Poseidon Geordie Theatre/Dean Fleming

The Iliad Hector/Glaucus Geordie Theatre/ Micheline Chevrier

Sherlock Holmes Dr. John Watson Segal Centre / Andrew Shaver

Good People* Stevie Centaur Theatre / Roy Surette

The Bacchae Guard Scapegoat Carnivale / A. Aspergis

Big Plans Henry Zimmer Summerworks / Tanner Harvey

Macbeth Banquo / As Cast Repercussion Theatre / A. Bardesono

Suspended Pieces Dr. Rabinovitch MTL Fringe / B. Kelly

Inherit The Wind Cates Segal Centre / Greg Kramer

Gas Cpl. Andrew Shantz Infinitheatre / Guy Sprung

Antony & Cleopatra Lepidus / Thidias Shakespeare In The Rough / Madoc-Jones

Death and Taxes Sgt. Edwin Smythe Saidye Bronfman / Guy Sprung

Night Butterflies Ludovic Boileau Lac Brome / Alex Ivanovici

Mary's Wedding Charlie Geordie Theatre / Elsa Bolem

Coriolanus Junius Brutus Gravy Bath / Madd Harold

The Picture of Dorian Gray Basil Hallward Gravy Bath / Gabot Zsigovics

The Contract Terry Infinitheatre / Guy Sprung

Evelyn Strange Perry Spangler Lac Brome / Greg Kramer

Old King Cole Twoo Lac Brome / Susan Cox

Better Living Jack NTS / Ken Gass

Good People of Szechuan The Policeman NTS / Maja Ardal

The Winter's Tale Florizel NTS / D. Campbell / M. Wylie

* 2013 META Award Nominee - Best Supporting Actor, Professional Category


National Theatre School Of Canada (1999 - 2002)

Acting / Text - David Latham, Carol Rosenfeld, Perry Schneiderman, Joe Ziegler, Susan Ferley, Peter Wylde, Janine Pearson, Ian Watson

Voice - Janine Pearson, Jojo Rideout

Movement - Jo Leslie, Tedi Tafel

Clown - Francine Coté

Mask - Brian Dooley

Combat - J.F. Gagnon

Period Dance - Kelly Arnsby

Singing - Kevin Komisaruk, David Lytle

Camera - Neil Dainard

Advanced Camera - Bill Rowat

ASM Performing Arts, Montreal QC

Professional Theatre Program, Dawson College - Honours Graduate (1996-1999)

Special Skills

Fluently Bilingual: English / French

Dialects: Quebecois, British, Irish, Russian

Sports: Hockey, Ball-Hockey, Volleyball, Baseball, Soccer, Football

Other interests: Photography, Spoken Word

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