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Artist>Claude Duhamel

Claude Duhamel

6 feet 1 inch

175 lbs




Represented by Chelsea McIsaac

Film And Television (Selected)

Beyond The Sky Lead Fulvio Sestito

Traffik Supporting Deon Taylor

The Detectives Principal John L'Ecuyer

Fringe Guest Star Fox / Dennis Smith

Cedar Cove Guest Star Hallmark / Michael Scott

Red Widow Guest Star ABC / Bill Gierhart

Human Target Guest Star Fox / Bryan Spicer

Arrow Guest Star CW

Supernatural Guest Star WB Television

Jackhammer Supporting Michael Hanus

Western Religion Lead James O'Brien

Dawn Rider Supporting Terry Miles

Special Skills

Hockey, Juggling, Rollerblading, Swimming, Frisbee, Motorcycling, Minor Stunt Work, Firearms

Languages: English, French

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