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Artist>Daniel Brochu

Daniel Brochu

5 Feet 7 Inches





Represented by Marc Elias

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Film & Television (Selected)

In The Basis Of Sex Actor Participant Media / M. Leder

Appiness Principal eMerge Enterprises / E. Batalion

Sleeper Principal Incendo / P. Gagnon

Chalice Principal QSI Productions / D. Lewis

Goldfish Principal Bandwith Pictures / M. Konvyes

Mohawk Girls Principal Rezolution Pictures / T. Deer

The Fantastic Bus Lead D. Schoel

Being Human Principal SYFY / A. Kane

Exploding Sun Principal Muse / M. Robinson

Do No Harm Principal Incendo / P. Gagnon

Quebec 1759 Principal Galafilm / B. McKenna

Blue Mountain State Principal BMS / F. Savage

Mr. Nobody Principal Nobody Productions / J.V. Dormael

Rumours Principal Sphere Media

Naked Josh Principal Showcase-Oxygen / P. Carriere

The Favourite Game Lead Cine Qua Non Films / B. Hebert

Redeemer Principal Muse / G. Clifford

The Dealer Principal J. Smith / B. Smith

The Sign Of Four Principal Muse / R. Gibbons

Bone Collector Principal P. Noyce

The Hunger Lead Telescene / R. Mulcahy

Agent Provocateur Lead Taurus Films / J. Donovan

The Kid Lead J. Hamilton

The Drive Lead Drive Productions / R. Goulem

Rainbow Principal B. Hoskins

Theatre (Selected)

Urban Tales X Professor Urbi-Orbi Theatre / H. Standjofsky

The Watershed Alex Porte Parole / C. Abraham

Tribes Daniel Segal Centre / S. Lepine

Last Night At The Gayety Pax Plante Centaur Theatre / R. Surette

Triplex Nervosa Reb Klein Centaur Theatre / R. Surette

Othello * Cassius Scapegoat Carnivale / A. Darcy

The Iliad / The Odyssey Various Geordie Productions / D. Fleming / M. Chevrier

A Midsummer Night's Dream ** Puck Repercussion Theatre / A. Kellock

Guys And Dolls Rusty Charlie Segal Centre / D. Leblanc

Anderson's Inkwell Goblin Geordie Productions / M. Chevrier

The Leisure Society Peter Infinitheatre / E. David

Stones In His Pockets Jake Centaur Theatre / A. Shaver

The Haunted Hillbilly *** Erskine Mole Sidemart Theatrical Grocery / A. Shaver

Snowman Jude Imago Theatre / P. Hinton

Matthew & Stephen Matthew New Victory Theatre, NYC / J. Poitvin

Clockwork Orange As Cast Bulldog Productions / A. Hausevater

Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead Rosencrantz Grand Theatre / H. Taravanien

Balconville Tom Centaur Theatre / P. Thompson

Macbeth Malcolm Repercussion Theatre / C. Anvar

The Little Prince The Little Prince Georgie Productions / D. Fleming

* 2014 META Awards - Winner - Outstanding Supporting Male Actor

** 2013 META Awards - Nominated - Outstanding Male Actor

*** 2012 MECCA Awards - Nominated

Voice (Selected)

Postcards From Buster Buster Baxter Cookie Jar / D. Toffan

Arthur * Buster Baxter Cinar / D. Toffan

Spaced Out Benjamin Espace Vert / T. Scammel

Rotten Ralph Percy Espace Vert / T. Scammel

H2O Lewis T. Scammel

Huckleberry Finn Huckleberry Cinar / T. Reid

What's With Andy? Danny Cinegroupe / R. Jones

* Daytime Emmy Awards - Winner - Outstanding Children's Series - 1997, 1998, 2000

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