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Artist>Leslie Baker

Leslie Baker

5 Feet 11 Inches



Light Brown


Represented by Susan Glenn

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Fuck You, You Fucking Perv! Performer / Writer Edgy Women Fest. / Tangente

Calendar: August Performer Site- Specific (Montreal)

Dandelions And A Hook Performer Site- Specific (Montreal)

Calendar: March Performer Site- Specific (Montreal)

Edgy Challenge Edgy Women Fest. Performer Mainline Theatre

Calendar: January Performer Site-Specific (Montreal)

Life World Performer Site-Specific (NYC)

Le Gonne Performer Site-Specific (Verona)

Momentary Adventures Performer / Writer Espace Tangente

Worry An Old Shoe Performer / Writer D.B. Clark Theatre (Montreal)

The Days Before Performer Teatro Comunale (Modena)

Prozac In Pandora’s Box Mrs. Farmer Baltimore Theatre Project

The Baltimore Project Performer Touchstone Theatre (Baltimore)

Iago’s Plot Emelia Experimental Theatre Fest. (Cairo)

The Choking Collar Performer / Writer Studio Theatre (Baltimore)

As You Like It Rosalind MSU

The Wheel Of The Year Performer / Writer Segue Performance Space

Terese Raquin Madame Raquin The Tennessee Project

Smiles Of A Summer Night Countess Malcolm Otrabanda Theatre / NYU

Opening Remarks Judge Leeny Sack / NYU

Talking With Rodeo Murphy’s Jazz Club (NYC)


Falling / Bettina Hoffman Lead Montreal

Effleurer / Bettina Hoffman Lead Musée D’Art Contemporaine De MTL

Confluence / Tedi Tafel Lead Gallery La Centrale

Instant Acts (European Tour) Various nterkunst / A. Zadiek / Berlin, De


Joy Channel Principal Radio Play

Videotron Principal Radio

Kathy Kennedy / Ensemble Performer Audio CD

Volkswagen Voice Over Radio

SAQ Voice Over Radio


Tisch School Of The Arts – BFA Theatre – New York University

Towson University – MFA Theatre


Yoga, Tai Chi, Tap Dancing, Driving (Standard)

Director, Choreographer, Acting And Movement Teacher

American Accent

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